Established in 1991, Youngor is a most influential enterprise with the investment of 300 millions, which is specialized in suits design and manufacturer. It maintains Domestic and Exporting markets by Ningbo Youngor suits co.,ltd and Ningbo Youngor Yingcheng Uniform Co., Ltd respectively, which is covering an area of more than 66000 sqm with more than 4000 employees, that divides into one super-class sewing line and 12 blazer lines with total 8 lines for pants, cutting and finishing. That generates 2 millions sets of suits per year, which catalogues into full-canvas suits, half-canvas suits and fusing suits, with a base of original Italian mode to generate Specific Youngor Style which are suitable for Chinese. After long period R&D, Youngor has an unique characters: soft, smooth, light but firm.

For years, the company derives the soul of international garment design in order to provide various styles of products with high quality to the whole country and is awarded a social consensus by the market. Youngor Suits are designated as “Chinese Brand Product” and “National Inspection Free Product” by AQSIQ and its market share is NO. 1 among the same catalogue for many years. The company is honored with “Zhejiang Province Quality Management Pioneer Enterprise”, “The National Quality Management Pioneer Enterprise” and ”A-Class of Exporting Enterprise”. The company has passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and regards as implement trial place for CSC9000T.

There’s another important element to produce high quality products ---- the equipment. Youngor collects the TOP class of international garment equipment. Now the company owns the following equipment: 6 lines Durkoop hanging assembly line from Germany; 2500 sets sewing machine from Japan; 250 sets Macpi, Brisay pressing equipment form Italy and Germany; Lectra automatic cutting machine from French; single cutting automatic cutting machine multiple procedure computer controlled sleeve sewing machine, automatically checks matching, strips matching, infrared remote sensing and automatic pocket machine. Thereinto, CAD design system of Lectra makes the paper pattern and marker to be accurated within 3mm; Those advanced performance improves the quality of products and technology. Proudly speaking, existing product equipment of Youngor in the same industry are in leading position. In addition, Youngor Group has an testing lab, covering 1000 square meters, for fabric, trim and finished product, and it reaches the test conditions that required by national standard.

2000 sales outlets in China are managed by Youngor Dresses Co. Ltd,, and the sales ranks 1st in domestic market for many years. For exporting, Youngor Suits adopts the way of transfering OEM to ODM. And it follows the fashion trend of international marketing and workmanship in order to construct a sales route in international market and the partnership with fashion magnates in the world. The business of garment becomes multi-international market. Its products have been sold to many developed country like USA, Germany, UK, Japan and Canada, etc. and the main brands we cooperate are CK, Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Perry Ellis, Hart Schaffner Marx and so on. Multiple international market lows down the risk of management and enlarge the sales scoop.

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